We are a Hong Kong based company of more than 25 years.

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In IRC, you may find RESOURCES about your Clinic, your personal Healthcare, your Life Enjoyment and Pet Food & Supplies.

Our Dental/Medical Supplies

We source many many good dental and medical supply from the world-wide. From Implant System to components, and, what you need in the surgery as well. Also, we provide a range Personal protective equipment (PPE) for our professional use.

Our Healthcare, Skincare Product

We concern about YOUR healthcare, not only beauty. Nowadays, in Hong Kong or all cities, we are all facing environmental pollution, from air, water, soil, thermal, radioactive, noise to light. Toxic, Heavy metal like filling material is also a way to make you get into problem. Have a look into our products, you may find not only skincare products, but Dietary Supplements, functional foods for anti-aging, detox and strengthening body resistance.

Life Enjoyment

Looking for good quality gift? A pair of bottles is an excellent X’mas Gift. And, our Pillow is a good gift for you to help you sleep…and MORE!


Pet Food & Supplies

PON, Pets-On-Natural, is a group of dog’s enthusiasts. We do this with our passion and strong belief that everything that we offer to our most beloved should be all natural and the best. Initially, we started with only one product, the PON Lamb Combo, which is a all-natural freeze dried raw lamb pet food. Now, we have a comprehensive range of best quality and most natural products, including pet food, snacks, nutritional supplements and skin care items, for your selection.



Founded in 1994 by Dr. Caesar, based in Hong Kong for over 25 years.

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