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Lime Rock Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc 2016 遲摘長相思甜酒2016
“The wine is medium yellow at this stage, has apricot and honey flavours and excellent sugar-acid balance along with a gentle botrytis influence. We love the aromas… and the flavours!
Aromatic, floral, fruity and mineral laden bouquet. Flavours of sweet peach, apple, apricot and honey coat the palate along with plenty of sweetness. A quiet Sauvignon Blanc herbal note adds some complexity and depth. Refreshing sweet finish. “
– Cameron Douglas, Master Sommelier.

芳香,花香,水果和礦物的香氣。甜蜜的桃子,蘋果,杏子和蜂蜜的味道加上甜味十足。淡淡的長相思草本味增加了複雜性和深度。令人耳目一新的甜味。 ”

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2) https://www.limerock.co.nz/ 

Lime Rock Pinot Gris 2019 灰皮諾2019

An elegant dry-style Pinot Gris with attractive aromas of pear and spice along with flavors of nectarine and other stone fruit. Fermenting a portion in older oak barriques gives this wine texture while the structure and excellent length come from the limestone.
優雅的乾式灰皮諾散發著迷人的梨和香料香氣,以及油桃和其他核果的香氣。 在較陳年的橡木桶中發酵一部分即可獲得這種葡萄酒的質地,而結構和出色的口感則來自石灰石。

1) https://ircshop.com.hk
2) https://www.limerock.co.nz/

Lime Rock Grüner Veltliner 2018 韋特利納2018

The climate and soils in New Zealand are ideal for the variety and this is our fifth vintage for our Groovy Jetliner!
Limited cases available for 2018.
This dry Grüner Veltliner has elegant characters of lime zest, citrus, quince, spice, savory tones and hints of white pepper and great mouth presence. The minerality and delicate fruit give length on the palate.
A great aperitif and can be matched with many foods. Great aging potential.
新西蘭的氣候和土壤非常適合該品種,這是我們Groovy Jetliner的第五個年份!
韋特利納具有酸橙,柑橘,木瓜,香料,咸色調和淡淡的白胡椒味和優雅的口感。 礦物質和細膩的水果使口感回味悠長。

1) https://ircshop.com.hk
2) https://www.limerock.co.nz/

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